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The Formula for Successful Sun Cities

"The Formula":

1)  Affordable housing

2)  Create a sense of community; create a social network or fabric for the residents

3)  Unsurpassed amenities

We've added:

 a) Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish
 b) Spend your money where you will get the most return.


What Can RCSC Boards do to better follow "The Formula"?

Affordable Housing:

The board needs to keep assessments and participation costs as low as possible.

Therefore, they need to correct and then avoid repeating the following policies: Affordable Housing
1) Annual assessment increases to cover high-salaried managers, their support staffs, and their mismanagement of the facilities with bloated budgets 

2) “Facility-usage fees”

Homeowners or residents should be able to use the facilities and not be shut out by excessive "extra" charges.  When they can't afford to use them, the board rents the facilities to the public and invites crime into Sun City.  Opening the facilities to the public also removes the incentive to buy Sun City homes, which mandates signing a Facilities Agreement that guarantees foreclosure in the event of unpaid assessments.  The RCSC now charges guest fees for the handicapped to use caregivers and rental fees for the clubs to have concerts or fairs.  The RCSC lost a fifty-year-old club because of this.  The RCSC is supposed to facilitate the clubs not destroy them.

3) Charging what amounts to a "property tax" at $3,000, calling it a "Preservation and Improvement Fee" or “Capital Preservation Fee”, whenever anyone changes the names on their deeds, which funds are to spend on grandiose multi-million-dollar projects that the members never get a vote to approve.
4) Charging a "per-lot" assessment (not a "per-person" membership fee), targeting single members a 100% increase as additional revenue to cover sky-rocketing operating costs.

Additionally, Examples #2, #3 and #4 conflict with the Articles of Incorporation's promise that members are equal, with equal responsibilities.  (
Article VIII, Paragraph 5) The Board cannot write bylaws that conflict with the Articles of Incorporation. (Article VIII, Paragraph 3)

Create a sense of community; create a social network or fabric for the residents:

Social clubs are the backbone of a Successful Sun City. 

comunit2.jpgThe board needs to change and not repeat the following policies:

1) No "kickbacks" to the RCSC

Tribute paid to the RCSC influences favors to the contributing clubs.  The money-making clubs have an advantage.  The social clubs get ignored and neglected, creating ill will.

2) COC perception as "Gestapo"

The "Blue Book" interferes with the fun of the club.  The COCs become the informants for the board against the members.  This creates suspicion and distrust, creating ill will.

Favoritism and over-bearing oversight destroys a "sense of community" and the desire to volunteer.  Sun City is the City of Volunteers.  Without volunteers, the community will decline.

Unsurpassed amenities:

The board needs to upgrade the facilites to Del Webb quality.

The board needs to change and then not repeat the following policies:

1) Closing the Bid Committee to member experts and creating a Bid Commission made up of only board members who may not have the expertise to handle creating bid specifications or picking competent contractors; and not having open meetings with minutes taken
Look at the devastating consequences:

Sundial sans roof '07
Sundial sans roof '07

Sundial roof collapse.  The center was closed in June, 2006. The $3 million invested in the Sundial 2002 renovation was lost when the roof collapsed into the indoor pools.  At first, insurance coverage was denied with a charge of "material defects" and when that failed the charge of "they knew or should have known" the electricity had been cut to the air handlers which caused the "hidden decay" that resulted in the collapse.  The judge claimed those in charge were "laymen" so they got a pass.  Allegedly, in February 2009 $4.3 million was delivered, however, it didn't cover the $4.5 million roof repairs and the $1 million in upgrades.   (Click here for lawsuit details.) (Click here for Sundial history.) 

Lakes West GC
Lakes West GC

Gutters instead of water features on the golf courses.  The pretty one was constructed by Del Webb's golf course water features specialist Pacific Aquascape while the gutters installed at Lakes West, River View, Willowbrook and Willowcreek Golf Courses were done by ones without the specialty.  In 2009, relining Willowcreek stream was approved by the board for $435,000.  SCFR submitted a bid by Pacific Aquascape for $308,000 for a waterproof natural-looking stream.  The management countered by blurting the bid they got was "really" $279,000, and it ended up being a gutter like the rest in Sun City.  Gutters do not meet the Formula of "unsurpassed amenities".  As long as the centerpieces of our golf courses are gutters, Sun City is NOT a Del Webb-quality community.

Ocotillo GC by Pacific Aquascape
Ocotillo GC by Pacific Aquascape

The purpose of
The Sun City Formula Registry is to shine the light on the board when they go against the Formula for Successful Sun Cities.  Checks and balances are what motivate us.  We are not rabble rousers, troublemakers, or malcontents.  We hold no animosity toward board members.  We do not have a "vendetta" as the RCSC has tried to allege.  We are merely sticking to "The Formula".  We intend to remind the well-meaning decision-makers that they may be making decisions that unwittingly put at risk what Del Webb created for seniors retired on meager Social Security and pensions.  We are securing for ourselves, and future retirees, "Our Retirement Dream Come True".


Click on the following link to see a promotional video about Sun City, Arizona, that was paid for by the 50th Anniversary Committee: .

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 Phone: (623) 933-6192
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