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"Frequently Asked Questions" 



Why has Anne Randall Stewart volunteered to take the RCSC before a judge if the members help finance it? 

Anne Stewart cannot afford to go to court without financing.  But, she is willing to file the case and has retained counsel for the purpose of forcing RCSC to comply with state statutes and the articles of incorporation.  

RCSC has set the stage for the wholesale tearing down and building up more multi-million-dollar "Fairway"s without the members' vote by charging unequal assessments to pay for it.  The RCSC has closed "work sessions" and unanimous "done deal" public board voting.  RCSC illegally raised the quorum for membership meetings to keep the members from stopping them and then abolished the quarterly membership meetings entirely.  RCSC banned the press from attending the Long Range Planning meetings where they hatch their plans.  RCSC President told members to "turn off your tape recorders".  Then, they shut down the Long Range Planning Committee entirely.  They conduct business voting in secret "work sessions" in non-compliance with the Planned Communities Act open meeting statutes.  

RCSC has given itself unlimited power without interference to assess and spend and if the retired poor cannot pay up, RCSC has the power to foreclose on them.  

The facilities are paid for by mandatory membership fees.  Everything is already paid for: employees, chairs, tables, insurance, buildings, utilities, etc.  All paid for even if nobody uses them.  Charging the clubs guest and rental fees is causing the wholesale ruination of our quality of life.  The clubs cannot pay the charges which means there would be no more Craft or Art Fairs.  The policy has even caused the loss of a 50-year-old music club with others following them!  

We thank the members for donating to finance the lawsuit.  It's time to take these issues before a judge once and for all.  Our class-action lawsuit was filed on October 29, 2015.  For developments, click on the following link: Class Action Developments.

Why isn't Anne Randall Stewart's husband involved in her organization? 

Anne Stewart's husband is not interested.  However, he supports her 100%.  Likewise, Anne Stewart supports her husband's interests.  She facilitated the publishing of his novel, "Girl from JakesCannon" by Richard Eugene Stewart.  See

Why doesn't Anne Stewart run for the RCSC board? 

Anne Stewart's mission is board oversight.  She wants to hold the board accountable for their actions.  As a board member, she would need someone like Anne Stewart around to hold her accountable.  Also, in 2009 the "unanimous board" voted to kick off director Ann Ullman, who wanted to vote "NO" once in awhile because she didn't agree with them all the time.  As long as the board has the power to do that, Anne Stewart wouldn't stand a chance.

Does Anne Stewart have a vendetta against the board?

No.  If the RCSC board were to obey the law and its own community documents, as well as follow The Formula for Successful Sun Cities, Anne Stewart would be as quiet as a church mouse. 

Why is the Registry anonymous?

Until the RCSC Board recognizes the legitimacy and value of The Sun City Formula Registry, our members may be targets for unfair discrimination and reprisals.  Some members are known and working around the centers of power and have been punished.  Anne Stewart, herself, has experienced it.  She was falsely charged twice and banned from meetings and facilities usage.  Board Policy 29 ("The Kangaroo Court") was established after the first time the board went after her.  When a homeowner through opinion threatens the expenditure of millions of dollars for special interests, that homeowner puts himself in line to be excommunicated.   

What does it cost to join the SCFR?


What does it mean to be a member?

A member of The Sun City Formula Registry puts his name on the Registry to be contacted when there is an important issue facing the members that is contrary to what the RCSC board is contemplating.  The issue is merely presented.  No one is argued into signing anything or even participating in the issue.  Petition-signing, voting, and civil litigation are the only powers the members have to control the board and SCFR is organizing the members for that purpose.

What does a member do?

The member on the simplest level allows contact.  The next level is to sign petitions and vote.  The next level is to attend meetings and report back to us.  The next level is to be a District Leader, who contacts members in his district when a petition or an issue comes up that is of importance. Volunteers accompany Anne Stewart as she goes door-to-door Monday through Saturday to collect contributions for the "Anne Stewart" Legal Fund, when needed, and circulate flyers among friends and acquaintances.  Very important are the members who attend the meetings so that we can report and the ones who donate to the "Anne Stewart Legal Fund" (anonymous and not tax deductible or refundable). Currently, we are not fundraising.

Why has Anne Stewart stayed off of RCSC property?

Anne Stewart has been falsely accused twice, and barred from meeting attendance and facility usage.  She received notice that if there is a third occurrence, she will be permanently expelled.  Since the prior occurrences were set ups, a third occurrence would happen.

In order to avoid a third occurrence, she stays clear of the board and their sphere of influence.  She must be a "member in good standing" in order to bring legal action against them.

In the meantime, she is working behind the scenes to watch and report on board actions and to educate the members and those in the Arizona Legislature of the lawlessness of HOA boards and the helplessness of the members faced with "Bad Boards". 

She is working to get a Homeowners' Protection Agency to protect the homeowners.

For detailed account, click here to download file

Is Anne Stewart a member in good standing?

Yes.  After delivering the Norm Dickson recall petitions in January 2006, a Kangaroo Court trumped up false charges to remove Anne Stewart's use of the facilities for six months and meeting attendance for one year and tacked on a six-month probationary period.  As of October 2007, Anne Stewart was again a "member in good standing", which means she can use the facilities, attend meetings, vote, circulate and sign petitions, run for board office, and bring legal action against the RCSC.  With the threat of a third "strike" which would permanently ban her from membership, she has chosen not to step foot on RCSC property to give the regime another opportunity to frame her a third time. 

Is The Daily News-Sun covering Anne Randall Stewart and The Sun City Formula Registry fairly?

Yes, from our perspective.  So far.  Of course, The Daily News-Sun must report what our detractors say, but we expect that.  Whenever one deals in opinion, the room divides.  Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy.  The more opinions the better.  Sun City needs to have all opinions aired before allowing a volunteer layman board of nine (actually five since majority rules) to "tax and spend" with our security on the line.  Most Sun Citians live on pensions and social security.  We need accountability over folks handling millions of dollars.  Otherwise, greed can thrive in a cold corporate environment.  We often hear from people with those tendencies, "If you don't like it, move."  That's a litmus test in our book for targeting the culprits for increased scrunity.
On September 26, 2013, The Daily News-Sun took over the publication of the RCSC Sun Views, a one-sided self-congratulatory propaganda sheet.  We have noticed that recently the Daily News-Sun has not presented both sides of the story.   When there is money to be made, there is a possibility of biased reportage.
On December 2, 2013, The Daily News-Sun published our Guest Commentary, "Nothing prudent about RCSC financial policies."  The Sun City Independent used to publish them, but said we could not anymore because we are not "incorporated".  It's always a challenge to get our word out, but we keep trying, anyway.

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 Phone: (623) 933-6192
Cell: (602) 318-0708



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