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Staying Alive


Stroke from Phenylpropanolamine in cold medicines!  READ THE LABELS!

Click on this link to see the government's warnings.

Protecting Second Amendment right to defend oneself

Click on the link below showing the eloquent and heartfelt video testimony of a woman whose mom and dad were killed by a madman who drove his truck through the window of Luby's in the daytime hours and began shooting at innocent unarmed customers. 

Madmen can come into the RCSC facilities, too.  Do you want her mind pictures following you for the rest of your life?  The choice is ours: Judged by 12 of your peers or carried by 6 of your friends and family.


6-year-old tires can cause fatal accidents!

Find the age of your tires on the inward side of the tire.  There is a string of numbers and the last four digits reveal the real age of the tire.  The first two are the week and the second two are the year. 

Examples of old tires being sold as new given by the ABC report: 414 means the tire was manufactured in the 41st week in the year 1994; 4202 means the 42nd week in the year 2002; 231 means the 23rd week in 1991; 0604 means the sixth week in 2004; 3101 means the 31st week of 2001; 459 means the 45th week of 1999; 1301 means the 13th week of 2001; 466 means the 46th week of 1996; 4302 means the 43rd week of 2002.  Sears was mentioned the most as selling old unused tires.

The fact that the tire has tread and has never been used does not matter; age dries out the tire.  If the tire blows, the driver will have difficulty controlling the car.

Retailers are selling old unused tires "on sale."  Don't be fooled!

Identifying a stroke: 

A victim may have its effects totally reversed if he/she gets help within 3 hours.  Recognizing the symptoms is the key.

Ask the following four questions:

S = Can you SMILE?
T = Can you TALK?  Try saying a simple sentence, i.e., "Is it sunny out today?"
S = Can you STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE?  If the tongue is crooked, if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke.

If anyone has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call 911 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.


Click here for YouTube instruction video.


IBC: Inflamatory Breast Cancer Systems (Men and Women)

(Click here for YouTube video.)

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