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About the RCSC Lawsuit


RCSC ignores our letters!
Court only action left! 

RCSC lost the lawsuit against the Viewpoint Lake homeowners and then lost again in Appeals Court. In that lawsuit, RCSC refused to comply 
Stewart and Mangone photo
with their contract, raising assessments by over 300 percent. Our causes of action are essentially the same: RCSC is not complying with the community documents or state statutes. Nancy Mangone, Esq., was the attorney who handled the Viewpoint Lake case. She prevailed against RCSC before, regarding contract non-compliance. She got the ball rolling for us by preparing our causes of action and sending notice to RCSC three times, which were ignored.  She is now the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Glendale. [PHOTO: Anne Randall Stewart and Nancy Mangone, Esq.]
Our attorney is currently  Jonathan Dessaules, Esq., who proved the Anthem Community is held under the planned communities act in Rodgers vs. ACC.  He won that case in the Appeals Court.  That issue is the paramount one in our case against RCSC.  RCSC refuses to abide by the planned communities act. [PHOTO: Anne Randall Stewart and Jonathan Dessaules, Esq.]
Fundraising is done.  Click on "The Anne Stewart Legal Fund" accounting for details.  Contracts are signed and we are preparing for court.



Anne Randall Stewart went door-to-door wearing a "Bulldog" Tee and a baseball cap, carrying a clipboard meeting and getting to know the victims of RCSC abuses.  Thank you for the great reception and for your financial support for this effort.



click here to download file: August 2012 Letter

click here to download file: January 2013 Letter

click here to download file: September 2013 Letter


See "About the 'Anne Stewart' Legal Fund."




Class Action Developments

The Class Action was filed on October 29, 2015.  The "Class Action Developments" page contains the case history link so you can follow developments.  Also, we have started the documents list with the Filing Cover Sheet and the Complaint.  It's been a long time coming, but we are now on the way.  

Click on the following link for the Superior Court Docket to follow developments:

Click on the following links for complaint documents:

Class-Action Cover Sheet

Class-Action Complaint


Class-Action Developments

The RCSC Answer to the Complaint was filed on December 11, 2015.  We have a link to it on the Class-Action Developments tab.  In it, there are no surprises.

We are on track thanks to our supporters who made this lawsuit possible.

Click on the following link:

RCSC Answer to Complaint (Defendant)

We thank the Members for their support.

Contact Anne Randall StewartPHONE_Ringing.GIF
 Phone: (623) 933-6192
Cell: (602) 318-0708



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