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"Sun City for Sun Citians Only"

by Anne Randall Stewart

Recreation Centers of Sun City General Manager Jan Ek opened Sun City’s facilities to the public to “eliminate the net operating deficit”.  Ironically, eliminating the high-salaried positions of General Manager, Centers Manager, and Director of Golf would eliminate the deficit!

For your information, Ms. Ek supported the following:

  • Proceed on a "pay-as-you-go" basis to tear down Fairway without a membership vote and without money on hand to finish the work.  The RCSC has bitten off more than the members can swallow.
  • Proceeded with Fairway demolition without a cost and completion date guarantee.
  • Pay Weitz Company a 4.25 percent contractor fee.  No cost or completion date guarantee means an open checkbook without any reason to keep costs down.
  • Accept a 1 percent reduction in price to waive a performance and payment bond for the Weitz Company as general contractor for the Fairway project (Phase One).  If they go bankrupt or don't perform, we're out of luck.

To justify outside play, Ms. Ek claimed that “an unsold tee time is lost revenue that we can never be recaptured.”  Yet, without batting an eyelash, she closed Lakes West for six weeks because of “horrible transitions” in over seeding.  Sorry, golf courses just don’t close down for six weeks and stay in business.  A finger of blame points to justifiable firings!

Golf operations need cost cutting:

·        Reduce employees to 7 per regulation course, with 4 of that number as part-time, job-sharing seniors that reduce benefits since they’re already on Medicare.  Fewer employees, less equipment.


·        Hire one (1) bona fide golf course superintendent using a lower-paid assistant on each course.

Also, each center has a manager.  Do not hire high-salaried managers to manage managers. 

Get back to basics: A board elected to oversee operations with expert community members on committees.  Abandon a “layman” board of dilettante “policymakers” keeping the membership a trapped “cash cow” using attorneys to do it.

Sun City is for Sun Citians!  Want to use the facilities?  Buy a Sun City property and participate in “our retirement dream come true.”  Del Webb used golf courses to sell houses.  We need to do that.  Rock-bottom golf rates attract golfers to buy houses, resulting in rock-bottom annual assessments.

Inviting the public to use the facilities without paying mandatory assessments offers no incentive to buy here.  Ms. Ek turned a successful and proven Del Webb sales tool into a liability.

“The Formula for Successful Sun Cities” on; also, find our Golf Operations Proposal* by a golf course superintendent specializing in turning failed courses into #1 using limited budgets.  Call (623) 933-6192 or visit

We must follow Del Webb’s successful formula or risk losing our retirement dream!


(*Click here for Golf Operations Proposal.)

PUBLISHED: The Sun Cities Independent, July 9, 2008, Pg 4, OPINION, Letters, "Sun City facilities for Sun Citians only".

Contact Anne Randall StewartPHONE_Ringing.GIF
 Phone: (623) 933-6192
Cell: (602) 318-0708



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