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"Stewart More Credible than Nichols"

by Ken Gegg, Sun City

I read with great interest the opinion letters between Denny Nichols, Recreation Centers of Sun City board president, and Anne Randall Stewart regarding the Sundial roof collapse (Sun Cities Independent, May 28, 2008 and June 18, 2008).  Ms. Stewart’s version was the most credible. 

Her research on is thorough, complete with copies of old newspaper articles that describe the truss failure in 1986; actual court documents; and videotaped testimony of the 18-year employee in charge of the air handlers; this witness testified—under oath—that there was no electricity going to them between 2002 and 2005.  

Nichols, who has no firsthand knowledge of the air handlers, looks like he is the misinformed one.  Calling the Sundial roof collapse an “unfortunate accident” is an obvious attempt to mask the board’s incompetence.  Trying to make the people believe the 1986 roof “issue” was caused by a few ceiling tiles that fell because of deteriorating “staples” is laughable.  If it were true, please explain why the 1986 board decided to replace the roof at a cost of $1,332,000?

Mr. Nichols may have been the reason the federal judge in the insurance case decided that this “layman” board couldn’t have figured out that the roof was going to come down. 

Mr. Nichols assures us that the board made a good choice of contractor this time to install the metal roof replacement.  I hope so.  However, he and his cohorts just removed the bid committee when they passed a recent board policy change.  That means no expert community members are involved in recommendations to the board regarding contractors.  This action does not help us breathe easier.

With people like Mr. Nichols on the board, Sun City may never know the truth.  Anne Randall Stewart of The Sun City Formula Registry, who publishes, is providing an invaluable service informing the RCSC members. 

I’ve donated to her legal fund.  I see she added PayPal to  I urge everyone in Sun City to donate at least a dollar.


Donate here.  Thank you!



    JUNE 25, 2008, OPINION,
    LETTERS "Stewart more credible than Nichols"

THE DAILY NEWS-SUN, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2008, PAGE A8 OPINION, LETTERS, "RCSC's decision doesn't help residents breathe easier"

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